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In 1987, the Hermans; Clayton, Sheri, and Rick opened H&H Mold and Tooling in Fairfield, Iowa. H&H’s humble beginning included 5 employees with 5,000 square feet of production space. Evolving from manual milling machines to acquiring the Midwest’s first Computer Automated Tracing Machine, “The Cat”; to now encompassing multiple 3 and 5-axis CNC mills, 23,000 square feet of production space and 25 skilled employees who are dedicated to providing excellent quality design and manufacturing.

The Herman Mold + Tooling executive team standing in front of the building with the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Members celebrating moving into the new building in 1996.

Like our transition to the company name Herman Mold + Tooling, some things have changed since our beginning. But, we still are–and always will be–the family-owned, American-made company employing skilled workers in the heartland of Iowa, and our objective remains to be a leader in delivery, accuracy, and innovation.

A person smiling standing over aluminum blow mold.


years in business

This year we’re celebrating 36 years in business. We’re celebrating our customers, our people, and our bright future. We’re excited to introduce Herman Mold + Tooling as the name to bring us forward.



In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we've converted our entire shop to run on 99% solar-power.

An image of part of a solar panel outside of the building.
A person standing in front of CNC machine.
People working together to put aluminum blow mold together.
A person standing in front of CNC machine.


years tenure

11 years is the average tenure of our current employees. And you can join our team to match their tenure.

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“The communication and mold development skills of Herman Mold + Tooling makes our mass production consistently high quality.”

– Kenji Kimura, YASUFUKU., U.S.A. Inc.

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